Some days I feel like powder
Crushed to dust
A drop of rain
A gentle breeze
Could make me disappear.
Some days I feel like powder
Chalk on board
A written thought
A lesson learned
All gone with just a wipe.




I’m not really sure where in my brain this came from. I was standing outside, sipping my coffee, watching the day break. Cloudy and gray, but I wasn’t feeling sad or even feeling anything in particular.

I tried to add a few more verses to include some positive thoughts, but I couldn’t seem to make them work. Those lines felt out of place.

When a poem wants to be born from your imagination there is no choice but to let it happen.

Thanks for reading!

~ Tami

* Images from pixaby.com

11 thoughts on “Powder

    1. Thanks Rebecca!! Hmmm interesting. I felt a little sad after I wrote it. My husband read it and got very concerned about me. LOL I’ll have to come back to it in a few weeks and read it again to see if it feels different.

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      1. LOL oh no are you going off to a padded room? I’ll miss you 😅😅 when we read poetry we read it in our own way, it’s how we create our own perceptions of a character in a book. It’s kind of like having a freedom of speech but in writing. We connect ourselves to words because if people can’t understand us then atleast in a strange way poetry and stories can.

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  1. Tami! you’ve done it! Terrific images – and the language. I don’t think it needs anything more – I think right where it is is all that’s needed, you don’t want to dilute it with other thoughts. “A drop of rain/A gentle breeze/Could make me disappear.” – yeah. I can see this in my mind’s eye, and it is powerful! Kudos!

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    1. Thank you so much Theresa!! You have no idea how much your comment means to me! I really admire you as an author/poet so a compliment from you is really appreciated. I think I don’t have enough confidence yet to hear that ‘inner poet voice’ say that’s enough don’t add another word. 🙂

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