Scary Saturday – Old Woman, Spirit Guardians Continued

Studies have shown that seeing the image of faces in random places is natural human behavior and not symbolic of anything related to the paranormal. It would be easy to just believe that and explain away any sightings as your mind playing tricks on you. But what if that wasn’t always true? What if we can’t really find a logical explanation for seeing something that has a deep personal connection to you? And more importantly, should we always try to find a logical explanation? 

Tonight we will hear about an experience that Yolanda encountered where she witnessed something that I believe is not just an optical illusion.

I want to thank Yolanda for sharing her paranormal experience with me. Be sure to check out Yolanda’s Yochet blog to see her amazing life size crochet doll among other whimsical and fun projects!

Yolanda’s Spirit Guardian

spirit guide
Can you see it?

Q: Did you experience this paranormal event or was this an
occurrence that someone else experienced?
Yolanda: I experienced it.

Q: What type of paranormal event have you experienced
(examples – spirits/ghosts, UFOs, monsters/weird creatures,
YolandaSpirit Guide

Q: Have you experienced this phenomenon multiple times?
YolandaJust the once.

Q: Where did you experience your paranormal event?
YolandaIn my bathroom.

Q: Were you alone or did other people experience it too? If you
were alone, have other people reported the same event in that
location or during that time period?
YolandaI was alone.

Q: Please describe the details of your paranormal experience.
YolandaI had gone to see a psychic during a rough period in my life. One of
the things she told me was that I had a spirit guide that reminded her
of Mother Teresa and looked like a small, older woman. A lot was
said during the meeting that made sense, but when I went home, I
wondered if I was crazy for believing any of it.
In our bathroom, the toilet sits directly across from the the shower.
It’s a small shower with a curtain in front of it. I went to use the
restroom and looked up and I saw this.
I don’t know what you see but I see a little old lady that looks like
Mother Teresa. Looked like a sign and an affirmation to me.

Q: Are there any other details or related information that
contributed to this event or that you believe are related to it?
YolandaThe image lingered for a few hours and then started to fade.

Here is the image again with a square around the face.

spirit guide with arrows

What do you think? Do you believe it was a sign for Yolanda, or just an optical illusion?


Do you have a scary story to share?

Overly Dramatic SpeckleIf you have an unexplained experience, seen something strange or heard some bumps in the night I would love to hear them and share them! Please click on the Scary Saturday Page, copy and paste the Questionnaire, fill out the answers to any questions that apply and email it to me at!


Thanks for reading!

~ Tami

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