Scary Saturday – Old Woman, Spirit Guardians Continued

Studies have shown that seeing the image of faces in random places is natural human behavior and not symbolic of anything related to the paranormal. It would be easy to just believe that and explain away any sightings as your mind playing tricks on you. But what if that wasn’t always true? What if we can’t really find a logical explanation for seeing something that has a deep personal connection to you? And more importantly, should we always try to find a logical explanation?  Continue reading “Scary Saturday – Old Woman, Spirit Guardians Continued”

Scary Saturday – A Sign From Above or Beyond

I have named this series Scary Saturday because it is human nature to be afraid of things we do not understand. Paranormal events are most often scary, unnerving, and unsettling. But not every experience with spiritual energies is frightening. Continue reading “Scary Saturday – A Sign From Above or Beyond”

Scary Saturday – Guardian Spirits continued

Have you ever felt like someone or something was looking out for you? Not all encounters with spirits are scary. Sometimes when you don’t even realize you need it, these unseen entities are there at just the time you need them most.

For the past few weeks Scary Saturday has featured Yolanda’s stories about, what I am convinced, are Guardian Spirits. Tonight I will be sharing my own story about my spirit guardians.  Continue reading “Scary Saturday – Guardian Spirits continued”

Scary Saturday – Guardian Spirits

Have you ever felt that someone or something was looking out for you? Have you ever felt that a paranormal force has protected you from physical or emotional harm? Have you ever felt your spirit guardian with you?

Would you even know if you had a spirit guardian? Continue reading “Scary Saturday – Guardian Spirits”

Scary Saturday – Feline Familiar

Cats have been considered to be magical creatures for hundreds of years. Small animals especially cats are believed to have a special connection with the spiritual world.

What happens when the furry friend that keeps your feet warm on a chilly night transforms into a creature that makes your blood run cold?

Continue reading “Scary Saturday – Feline Familiar”

Scary Saturday – Uncle Bill’s House

If you ever met my Uncle Bill you would describe him as fearless. He grew up during the Depression and by every definition of the word was a ‘tough guy’. He was a construction worker by day and a farmer the rest of the time. Images of John Wayne come to mind when I remember my Uncle Bill.

So what could have possibly happened to make my Uncle Bill tell my Aunt Evelyn that he NEVER wanted to be alone in his house again! Continue reading “Scary Saturday – Uncle Bill’s House”

Scary Saturday – Poltergeist Pranks

Pranks are usually harmless and all in good fun! But the fun stops when the prank is of the paranormal variety!

Tonight we are going back to Yolanda’s house to hear two stories about when her husband experienced some phantom fun that ended up being more mysterious than funny! Continue reading “Scary Saturday – Poltergeist Pranks”

Scary Saturday – Seeing Auras

When you look at people what do you see? Do you see things that others can’t? Energy is all around us. Some people are more sensitive to the energies that flow through and around every living thing.
When you tell someone you know how they feel – do you REALLY mean it?
Tonight we will learn the true definition of being empathetic as Lyn tells her story about a chance encounter that changed someone’s life.

Continue reading “Scary Saturday – Seeing Auras”

Scary Saturday – My Grandparents’ House

Most people, when they think of visiting their grandparents’ house recall happy times, cooking with Gramma, or following Grampa around the farm while he did his chores. Most people don’t remember – or they try to forget, the strange noises and the unnaturally dark shadows that cause you to swallow your rising panic and run out of your grandparents’ house as fast as you can! I can still feel that lump in my throat when I allow myself to remember. Continue reading “Scary Saturday – My Grandparents’ House”

Scary Saturday – Haunted House

Whether you like to call it something that goes “bump” in the night, a playful poltergeist, or “it must be just the wind” there are some strange and scary happenings at Yolanda’s house. Continue reading “Scary Saturday – Haunted House”