Scary Saturday – Old Woman, Spirit Guardians Continued

Studies have shown that seeing the image of faces in random places is natural human behavior and not symbolic of anything related to the paranormal. It would be easy to just believe that and explain away any sightings as your mind playing tricks on you. But what if that wasn’t always true? What if we can’t really find a logical explanation for seeing something that has a deep personal connection to you? And more importantly, should we always try to find a logical explanation?  Continue reading “Scary Saturday – Old Woman, Spirit Guardians Continued”

Scary Saturday – A Sign From Above or Beyond

I have named this series Scary Saturday because it is human nature to be afraid of things we do not understand. Paranormal events are most often scary, unnerving, and unsettling. But not every experience with spiritual energies is frightening. Continue reading “Scary Saturday – A Sign From Above or Beyond”