• I like warm weather
  • I’m a terrible singer – so I sing loudly on purpose
  • I hate onions – yes you can even taste them when they are cooked it is a lie to say otherwise
  • Tiger Lilies, Shasta Daisies, Daffodils – my 3 favorite flowers in that order
  • I almost have the max amount of World of Warcraft characters on my account – but only 1 max level (I do have 10 level 100s though)
  • I think that mean people do, in fact, suck – so sometimes I suck too
  • I have 2 tattoos
  • I only eat chocolate candy – I am an adult, I choose not to eat any other kind of candy because I don’t have to

I might add to this list, but that should be more than enough information for anyone that is curious.

Thanks for stopping by Tanglewood Tapestry!



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