Scary Saturday – Guardian Spirits continued

Have you ever felt like someone or something was looking out for you? Not all encounters with spirits are scary. Sometimes when you don’t even realize you need it, these unseen entities are there at just the time you need them most.

For the past few weeks Scary Saturday has featured Yolanda’s stories about, what I am convinced, are Guardian Spirits. Tonight I will be sharing my own story about my spirit guardians. 

I have always felt that there was something special – maybe not special about me, but more like there was something special around me. There have been many times in my life that I have given a nod and a silent “Thank you” to, I don’t know, something or someone. There have been many times in my life when I have absolutely felt like I had a guardian spirit.

Then one day I learned I have three.

scary tree

When I was a young adult I was fascinated by the paranormal. I was intrigued but too scared to really explore the connection that I knew I had with things unseen. Many of my psychic experiences during my childhood were frankly, scary as hell. So I suppressed that paranormal connection. I always grasped desperately for the logical explanations – I was far too psychically immature and naive to be able to deal with it.

One night my friends and I were bored and feeling a little adventurous. A few of them suggested we go to this restaurant just over the state line that offered for dinner entertainment a fifteen minute session with a tarot reader. That sounded fun, didn’t it?

I was very anxious about this outing but they talked me in to it and we all decided that we didn’t need to do the tarot reading if we didn’t want to. The restaurant was actually very charming. It was set up in this huge old Victorian style house. The dining room was about a dozen or so tables that were scattered across two large rooms. There was a quaint little sitting area in the foyer and the tarot reader was in a room upstairs.

I felt so comfortable in the whole atmosphere and decided – “What the hell, why not!” A few glasses of wine with dinner had given me some courage. I put my name on the sign up sheet to see the tarot reader and waited for my name to be called.

She was fascinating. I was expecting to see a gypsy type woman with the colorful bandana, hoop earrings, crystal ball, and all of the stereotypical trappings that I thought a psychic would look like.

She looked like someone’s mom. She looked like any one of the diners downstairs, or like anyone that you would see in the grocery store by the canned foods. She looked normal.

When I stepped into the room and sat down at the table across from her I was so nervous. She reached across the table to shake my hand. I can’t even describe the sensation when she held my hand in hers. It felt charged. Not like electricity, but that is the closest sensation I can think of to describe it.


The fifteen minute tarot reading was a basic three card spread. I chose three cards that would represent past, present, and future. I could ask three questions on anything I wanted. I can’t remember what cards I chose, nor do I remember what questions I asked. I’m sure it was something very superficial and the type of questions that she was used to having people ask her – romance, money, and health are the standard. I can’t recall any of that.

It was what she said after that took my breath away – “You have very strong spirits around you all the time.” she said matter of factly, “You know this.”

I sat back down, there was about five minutes left in my reading. She then told me that I have three spirit guardians. One was a small child, another was a young man, and the third was an old woman. She told me that they have been with me for a long time.

I was a little freaked out and thanked her then went back downstairs to join my friends. I didn’t tell them about what the tarot reader said.

Flash forward about ten years. I had spent a lot of time really exploring my spirituality. Studied, researched, and adopted some eclectic philosophies. I bought a tarot deck and learned to read tarot cards. I was finally comfortable with the psychic world around me. I didn’t really think about my spirit guardians. I just trusted that they were there.

One night my sister and I were having a few beers at the local dive bar and she spotted a woman that she knew. This woman, my sister said, was clairvoyant. We ended up joining her at her table and chatted about this and that. I asked her about how she interacted with the spiritual world and some other questions about her gift. Then I asked her if she could see spirit guardians.

She looked at me and said “You have three very strong spirits with you. And you know this.”

“Tell me about them.” I asked.

“Oh what a fun little child one is, always laughing and running around.” My heart skipped a beat. “Now there’s a handsome young man full of some mischief himself.”

I swallowed hard and asked about the third.

“The third,” she said “is a very old man, older than time.”


Do you believe in spirit guardians? I believe in mine. I don’t see them. I don’t interact with them. But I know they’re there. I have quietly thanked them on a few occasions when I knew they had stepped in to protect me.

Those occasions are a story for another time.

Do you have a scary story to share?

Overly Dramatic SpeckleIf you have an unexplained experience, seen something strange or heard some bumps in the night I would love to hear them and share them! Please click on the Scary Saturday Page, copy and paste the Questionnaire, fill out the answers to any questions that apply and email it to me at!


Thanks for reading!

~ Tami

12 thoughts on “Scary Saturday – Guardian Spirits continued

    1. It was so amazing to have that feeling confirmed by someone else. More than a little unsettling at first. but still a relief that I wasn’t imagining it. That first tarot reading really opened the door for me. I stopped trying to deny the ‘specialness’ around me and chose to learn more about it. 🙂

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  1. WHAT THE! An old man older than time, that is so freakin fascinating. I wonder who he is? Omg it’s so cool! Such a great story. I wish i was special 😦 The only thing i have always wondered about myself is my imaginary friends and why i had three boys and one witch who would follow me. Jake, luke and tom and every time they appeared the witch would try and get my attention and want me to always be on her side. I never actually played with them? They would only appear at random times and after a while Luke never appeared again, i remember Tom the most. I think i was around 7 years old.

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    1. Ummmmm you don’t think that’s special?? Maybe they weren’t imaginary!! How do you know they weren’t spirits? What was the witch like? I need to hear more of this story Rebecca!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lmao it’s something for sure. I can’t remember ever seeing a witches face :/ she was always outside my window. Like she wasn’t allowed in….I will have to drop you an email In the week with as much detail as I can remember. Just woke up from a nap lol!!!

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  2. I SO wish I felt this way, it must be lovely not to feel lonely but to feel love, even when you can’t see it. I’m open minded about all things that are within my comprehension and with other peoples beliefs/opinions but feel I’m too… pragmatic? for stuff like this… I truly wish this wouldn’t be the case.

    Any tips for opening my mind to this sort of thing? Loved this post.

    Emma x

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    1. Hi Emma! Thanks for stopping by.
      I wonder how many signs are all around you that you may never have even noticed. There are so many things that could easily be written off as coincidence. I choose to see them as signs that were meant just for me.
      I think for me, it was when I first started learning how to read tarot cards that I became more open to seeing symbolism all around me. The suit, numbers and images on the cards is full of symbolic artwork.
      It is hard to believe in something you can’t touch or explain. Being open minded is the first step so never lose that quality – it’s actually very rare to meet people that are truly open minded. You finding this blog post and reading it could very well be a sign. It really is all about which perspective you choose to look at things.
      I believe that the signs and symbols that I see ARE purposely there for me to see them. Nobody could ever convince me otherwise.
      Any time that you see or feel something and get that “hmm that was kind of weird” feeling – stop and pay attention to it.
      I’m so happy you visited my blog.
      ~ Tami


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